Associated Directional Drilling
Associated Directional Drilling (ADD) was formed as a division of Associated Industries, to provide high quality horizontal and directional drilling services in the environmental drilling market.

Additionally, in response to today's rapidly growing pipeline and utility construction markets, ADD provides a wide range of directional drilling services such as drilling under rivers, lakes, creeks, and freeways for the installation of various lines.

Associated Directional Drilling installs:
  • Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Water and Sewage Pipelines
  • Utility Pipelines
  • Communication Lines
  • Environmental Remediation Systems
ADD drillers are required to complete an extensive directional drilling training program which focuses on locating, steering and drilling. ADD's qualified team of drillers uses the most sophisticated equipment in the horizontal drilling market.

Success Story
ADD was nearing completion of Level 3's, 12 Duct fiber optic interduct installation under the San Gabriel River near Taylor, Texas. As drillers neared the surface on the opposite side of the river, they were confronted with boulders and cobbles of unknown size at a depth of approximately 20 feet. After several attempts to get through--and the loss of a mud motor--a vertical rig was brought in to determine the size of the boulder and cobble formation. Using hollow-stem augers and continuous core methods, it was determined that there were numerous boulders and cobbles in the formation between a vertical depth of 9-1/2 and 20 feet. ADD drilled several holes in a grid pattern over the proposed bore path and used a high pressure injection pump to introduce cement into the formation. After the cement had cured properly, the zone of interest was solidified and ADD was able to drill through the zone with a mud motor, then back-ream the entire zone with a 12-inch back-reamer thus completing the final installation of 1245 feet of 8-inch SDR9 HDPE.
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